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Form a team, design a robot, solve the challenge, and be part of the Google Lunar X PRIZE race to the Moon with LEGO® MINDSTORMS®!   

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Moonwalk is a New Jersey and Connecticut-based team participating in the MoonBots challenge for the first time. We are a FIRST family with four years of experience in the fields of robotics and research, and have participated in the FIRST Lego League and Junior FIRST Lego League under the teams Nanogurus, Flying Fish, and Hurricanes. Our members have won several awards, including First Place Robot Design and Second Place Chairman's Award at the NJ State Championship.

Our members range from fifth graders to college students, but we have one thing in common: when we were kids, each of us said, "I want to be an astronaut when I grow up!"

So get ready--

Because we talk the talk. But we walk the Moonwalk.


Below, please take a look at:

-Return of the Moonwalk: Phase II Documentary: It's a continuation of our tale from Phase I! The Moonwalker drops in on Kiki to see if she's making good on her promise to do something for lunar research. Has she succeeded? Learn about it in our documentary, which talks about the development of our body and arm designs, reflections on teamwork, and community awareness project.

-Moonwalkin': Mission Video: Watch our robot's final run during our webcast, both from our webcam and an eye's view!

-A Moonwalk to Remember: Phase I Documentary: A skeptical student, Kiki, is visited by a mysteriously groovy spirit, who is intent on convincing her of the importance of lunar research through an epic trip covering the past, present, and future of mankind's exploits on the moon. Come along for the ride!

-Read Like a Lunatic: Favorite Moon Books: Our team members were inspired to take an interest in lunar research in large part because of the personal connection with the moon we formed through science fiction and even childhood moon-related books. Thanks to the MoonBots program, we were able to find an outlet for this interest! To reach other young readers, we initiated our Read Like a Lunatic library project, so we decided to talk about some of our personal favorite moon books in this short video blog. You can find our reading list, along with reflections on the project, on our blog.

Team Captain
Shivi Chandra
Team Members
Kavita Saxena - Coach

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