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Form a team, design a robot, solve the challenge, and be part of the Google Lunar X PRIZE race to the Moon with LEGO® MINDSTORMS®!   

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got robot?
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After a trip to the 2009 First Lego League US Open in Ohio, this group of upstart, young, budding engineers have now decided to focus their sites on the moon and the stars.   Combining the perfect mix of science, engineering and creativity, this team plans to not only make it to the moon, but establish it as a mere launching pad for the future of space exploration and universal understanding.  This challenge presents this team with the opportunity to not only take on the "how" of space exploration, but also consider the "why" it is important for all of us left back here on earth.

Jake brings 15 years of continuous exploration of his world and hands on experience taking apart and reassembling everything in his path just for fun.  Matthew has absorbed 13 years of scientific journals and continues to develop his theories on the forces of science and the world.  Matt's experience includes speaking directly to astronauts in space.  Sam has developed over 14 years the ability to not only understand what his teammates are coming up with, but to effectively communicate it to the rest of the world.  Together with the help of their mentors, they are ready for the Moonbots Challenge!

Team Captain
Michael McKellar
Team Members
Dan – Mentor

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