About the Game

Form a team, design a robot, solve the challenge, and be part of the Google Lunar X PRIZE race to the Moon with LEGO® MINDSTORMS®!   

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About the Game


Round Length: 3 minutes
Maximum Score: 350 points

Playing Field:
The MoonBots Challenge is played on a lunar surface made from 48 x 48 module large gray LEGO base plates and measuring 7.5 feet (2.2m) to a side. It is dominated by two large craters and a long ridge that bisects it. The objectives below represent simulated lunar mission tasks.

Registration: April 15th - May 15th 2010
Phase One: April 15th - May 28th, 2010
Phase Two: June 21st - August 22nd, 2010

Download: MoonBots_GameOverview.pdf


Discover Water Ice
15 points each

In each crater their are two Water Ice elements. Be careful not to lose traction in the regolith on the crater floor.

Discover Helium 3
10 points each

Spread across the lunar surface there are six Helium 3 elements, find them all and bring them back to base for analysis.

Survive the Lunar Night
30 points

Your robot must visit the Peak of Eternal Light and rest in order to survive the lunar night.

Capture Mission Video
20 points

Capture video from your robot’s perspective as it navigates the rough lunar surface during its mission.

Lander Dismount
20 points

Your robot starts here with the ramp up. It must successfully descend the lander onto the lunar surface.

Return the Elements to Base
Each element x 2

Successfully returning the Water Ice and Helium 3 elements to base doubles their score. They can be on or off your robot to qualify.

Photograph the Heritage Artifacts
20 points

At some point in your mission your robot must stop and take a picture or video of the Heritage Artifacts.

Return to Base
20 points

Return to base at the end of your mission. Your robot needs to be touching the Landing Base to qualify but we will be really impressed if you go back to the top and bring the ramp up behind you.

Build Instructions: